Saturday, November 27, 2010

del INTI, (Grade A)

Date of last visit: November 2010
Address:  2315 NE Alberta, Portland, Oregon
Phone:  503-288-8191
Hours: Closed M & T -- Dinner Wed to Sunday 5PM to 10PM, Happy Hour 4 to 7

General Impressions of the place itself: Simple decor, nicely done. Some outdoor seating and a fire pit to keep the waiting area on the sidewalk warm.  Inside, cork floors, open kitchen, comfortable seating, Peruvian tapestry on the wall and some nice, original art featuring jazz musicians. Well done decor
What we ordered: SANGRIA; Porter on Tap;  To Start--PLATO del Inti (sampler) with Potato Croquette, Beef Heart with Salsa, and Causa with crab and Avocado; main course --> SALTADO, stir fried hanger steak with scallions, red onions, tomato, cilantro, fried potatoes with soy sauce glaze with a side of rice; and, PRAWNS --don't remember the name. DESERT: CHOCOLATE CUSTARD
Things we liked and disliked:  The food was all exceptional in this Peruvian-North West inspired Resturant --we could have lived without the CAUSA on the sampler plate, not because it was bad, but becasue it was not to our taste.  Everything else, to a dish was excellent. We will try one of the Ceviche Dishes next trip
Number in our party: 2
Total Bill:   $61 includes drinks but not tip add $10.  Considering the quality of the food this was a real bargain
Recommended -- absolutely yes
With a Five Star Scale - and Five being perfect - we rate this place? 4++

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